Girl Scouts brush up on nuclear power

A total of 88 Junior Girl Scouts and 30 leaders learned about nuclear energy and the Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant Saturday at the Monticello Training Center on April 28.

The Xcel Energy Women’s Information Link and the Monticello Women in Nuclear devised a series of learning activities that included a tour of the Control Room simulator and hands-on assistance in safety shutting down the plant and starting it back up during simulated earthquake and tornado scenarios.

Six difference groups of scouts rotated to the six different locations including:

  • Simulator experience
  • Atomic Jeopardy focus on nuclear power terminology.
  • Detecting Radiation
  • Fission and Power overview
  • For the Record: How much radiation persons get in every day lives.
  • Working safely and using the right protective equipment.

    Xcel Energy employees who assisted with the Girls Scouts activity included:

    Julie Weber, Fleet Programs Engineering and general coordinator of the event; Katherine Brandtjen, Monti Programs Engineering; Jolynn McConnon, Monti Programs Engineering; Stephanie Bruesehoff - Monti Programs Engineering; Anysia Carpenter - Monti Programs Engineering; Michelle Kelly, Fleet Programs Engineering; Wynter McGruder, Monti Programs Engineering; Natalie Klavercamp, Sherco System Engineering; Mike Salgy, Monti Ops Training; Chris Kittredge, Monti Ops Training; Jodi Bergeron, Monti Training; Bobbi Jo Halvorson, Monti Design Engineering; and Carrie Fosaaen - Monti Licensing Engineering

    The scouts were from a number of regional communities including Monticello, Buffalo, Zimmerman, Plymouth, Andover, Elk River, St. Paul, St. Paul, Osseo, Brooklyn Park, Ramsey, Loretto, Rockford and Maplewood.