Dr. Mahoney steps down from NRMC District Board

To the editor:

I want to let the community of Monticello know that I am stepping down from the New River Medical Center District Board, including leaving my positions as Chairperson of the Quality Committee, and Chairperson of the newly created 501c3 board. My term began in January 2009, when I was elected by the City of Monticello. I had planned to finish my four-year term and continue on with the new 501c3 board in January, but recent events have made me decide to change course. By representing New River Medical Center and also being a physician of Monticello Clinic, I felt I was in an ideal position to help the two entities work their issues out. Instead, my position on the New River Medical Center Board has been marginalized. Citing conflict of interest, the rest of the board has kept me out of many of their recent closed meetings, and therefore I have not been informed of the hospital’s strategic planning, including potential hospital affiliation strategies. In addition, when I do state my disagreements about the hospital’s direction at the public meetings, other board members comment that my opinions are representing the Monticello Clinic and not the hospital’s or community’s best interest. I have always worked to keep what’s right for the hospital and community at the forefront. While I wish it was otherwise, I am no longer able to be an effective voice for the city of Monticello in terms of New River Medical Center’s future. The city of Monticello deserves to have a voice that is heard. Because elections are not held until November, with my stepping down, the board will seek to appoint a Monticello Citizen who is interested in filling the opening after an interview process. Please contact the board if you are interested.

Joseph Mahoney, M.D.

Monticello Clinic