Trying to understand NRMC’s decisions

To the editor:

I am searching for understanding behind the New River Medical Center’s decisions. Their actions as of late have made very little sense to me as a member of the Monticello community. I know very little about the health care industry and, I am certain, not enough about the New River Medical Center’s goals. New River Medical Center - help me to understand…

From my vantage, the Monticello Clinic offers the area a well-rounded, well-staffed health care option. It is only logical that the physicians from the Monticello Clinic service patients who have “hospital needs” at the adjacent hospital. Yet, the decision has been made by Monticello Clinic physicians to cut ties with the hospital. I trust my doctors at the Monticello Clinic. If they refuse to work with a hospital, then I have wonder how I could have any faith in that hospital.

It makes sense that the Monticello Clinic would be the New River Medical Center’s lifeblood. Our community deserves options, but it seems destroying a relationship offering one set of options just so another set of options can be offered isn’t moving forward.

I was saddened to hear of Dr. Joe Mahoney’s recent resignations from the New River Medical Center District Board, from the Quality Committee and from the 501c3 Board. I believe he does a great job representing our community and brings a unique vantage to the situation. It seems his voice could be vital in repairing the recent relationship damage between the two entities. Yet it seems his voice has been shut out of important conversations leading to his stepping down from his roles with the Center.

New River Medical Center leaders — help me to understand the reasoning behind the last few months. Help me to understand your goals and your plan. Help me to understand how such a rift between the community’s main medical clinic and the community’s hospital benefits/serves anyone. There has to be goals and/or a plan behind this craziness … please help me to understand.

Betsy Miller