Monticello graduates make a difference in their hometown

By Meghan Gutzwiller
Times Correspondent

Editor’s note: This is the second in a three-part graduation series by the Monticello Times. Next up in the series is a spotlight on current Monticello graduates who will graduate Friday.

Some Monticello High School graduates, as we saw in last week’s graduation article, find their way to a new state, country or even continent after leaving MHS. Many others find themselves staying in Monticello and doing something in their hometown to make it a better, more interesting place to live. Local graduates have brought us some of our town’s favorite businesses, led the charge in volunteer efforts or became leaders of our local organizations. Here is just a sampling of MHS grads who stayed to leave their own unique footprint on the community.

Kyle and Joel Erickson

A family’s tragedy led two MHS grads to become business owners long before they likely imagined taking the reins. Joel and Kyle Erickson’s lives were turned upside-down when their father, Jeff, died suddenly in a car accident in 2003. His sons were 25 and 17 at the time of his death, and they found themselves mourning the loss while faced with a big decision: to either sell or take over their family business, Moon Motorsports, where the brothers had grown up helping out and working.

I started mowing the grass and picked up trash when I was (about) 12 or so, Kyle said