Board of Directors committed to quality health care

To the Editor

As the Board of Directors of New River Medical Center, our number one commitment is to ensure that you and your family have access to quality local health care services. We strongly believe this is critical for our residents and the economic health of our communities. As part of our commitment, we have made difficult, but important decisions in the last few months.

Each of us was elected by you, the residents of our district. Unlike shareholders of a privately owned medical clinic, none of us has any financial interest in the hospital that could cause us to place our business interests ahead of your health care needs. When making every decision, our number one concern is to ensure we have a thriving local hospital and medical services for your family today and your grandchildren’s families of tomorrow.

We recently suspended our obstetrical services because the Monticello Clinic’s physician owners made a business decision to no longer use our service. We respect the Monticello Clinic’s right to take patients out of our community. Likewise, we have a responsibility to provide options that will help grow our local health care campus and ensure it is around for your grandchildren.

We realize the closure of our obstetrical unit causes challenges for our moms, but we are currently recruiting OB/GYN doctors to practice in our community and have plans to re-open the service in the future.

Today, just one in three residents of Monticello and Big Lake use our hospital services. In our 2009 Community Assessment Survey you told us you want more choice and that residents who leave Monticello do it because they want more physician options and better access to specialty services.

In order for our local hospital to thrive, we need to grow and provide more choice for our residents. To that end we have:

  • Added a new physician clinic with five providers, including highly trained and board certified internal medicine physicians, to give you the choice you wanted;
  • Added a new full-time general surgeon at the New River Physician Clinic who lives in our community;
  • Committed to continue delivering the highest level of emergency care by providing North Memorial emergency doctors 24 hours a day in our ER;
  • Committed to providing state-of-the-art cancer services with oncology doctors from Humphrey Cancer Center and Coborn Cancer Center;
  • Committed to adding additional doctors, known as hospitalists, who are available 24 hours a day to care for all patients staying in the hospital;
  • Committed to recruiting new OB/GYN physicians to provide local obstetric care and to re-open our obstetrical service as quickly as possible; and
  • Continue to meet all health care quality standards and pass all regulatory audits on quality.

    When a test or procedure can be done at New River Medical Center, ask your doctor to stay local. It’s your hospital and your choice!

    In most instances, we can provide the services you need at a reasonable cost — and without the delay and expense of traveling elsewhere. When patients choose to receive their care here, we will be able to grow services and expand health care options for you.

    Ultimately, we believe that patients in our community deserve quality care close to home, and we are dedicated to making the decisions necessary to make that happen. We believe that is what you elected us to do.

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    Thank you for your continued support of New River Medical Center.

    New River Medical Center’s

    Board of Directors:

    Ervin Danielowski