Seniors give and receive on awards night

By Clay Sawatzke
Times Reporter

Give, give, give. That seemed to be the theme at the high school on Thursday night as the class of 2012 and its families filled the lower portion of the auditorium for a two-part program. Baccalaureate and senior awards have long gone back to back on the night before graduation. This year was no different, as baccalaureate kicked off the graduation ceremonies when the church-like service started at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium. It was followed by senior awards, starting shortly after eight, in the same auditorium.

While there were plenty of differences in the programs, both came back to the same general theme.

At Baccalaureate, students were urged to give themselves to God.

The night started with a moment of silence for Jordan Davis, a member of the graduating class that passed too soon, dying of cancer earlier this school year. It continued with a couple of well-done musical performances by a band made up of senior members and led on vocals by Noah Grose and Mariah Jackson. But mostly, the hour-long program was about the speeches.

Senior Mac Kittleson kicked things off with a little speech and scripture reading, and John Reeves finished the night with a passionate prayer for this year’s graduates, but in between the stage belonged to local pastor Michael Grose.

Grose, the pastor at Quarry church, gave the students a warning of consequence, before giving them his key to avoid just that consequence.

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