Thelen brings leadership to the County Board

To the Editor

I read in the May 31 issue of the Times about Rose Thelen announcing her candidacy for the District 2 Commissioner seat (County Board hopefuls announce candidacy). This is to let your readers know the kind of leadership she brings to the County Board. It involves a recent decision to rescind revocation of county roads 123 and 143 to the townships of Silver Creek and Corinna. If the revocation had gone through the townships would have become responsible for significant repair and maintenance of the roads, meaning added expense to our already tight budgets. An article reporting on this issue appeared in the May 24 issue of The Times as well (County OK’s largest road project- rejects turnback).

As a Silver Creek Township supervisor I was involved throughout this process. From early in the proceedings, County Commissioner Rose Thelen went to bat for us and opposed the plan. While most of the other commissioners were understood to be in favor of the turnback, she persisted, consulting with township maintenance staff, legal experts, independent engineering firms, county commissioners from neighboring counties and supervisors from other townships. She attended four township meetings, facilitated two transportation committee of the whole meetings, and insisted that public hearings should be held in each township before a decision to turnback was made.

Rose did her homework, and advocated strongly for us. While it was the county engineer’s opinion that the revocation was expedient, she opinioned that “the people are the county and I am hearing them say this is clearly not good for them.”

This kind of leadership is why I want to keep Rose as my commissioner. She listens to all sides and tries to find alternatives to “business as usual.” Thanks to her, our voices were heard.

Bill Langenbacher

Silver Creek Township