Monti alum Gerold up to big things

By Meghan Gutzwiller
Times Correspondent

Monticello’s 2012 high school graduates are, for the most part, still hanging around their hometown this summer as they await the start of their college education, and maybe even their chance to change the world in some way. Five years ago, a 2007 graduate was preparing for this chance as well – and he has grabbed the bull by the horns. Tom Gerold is now a college graduate and a new Monticello homeowner, and he’s juggling his career along with guiding an invention toward marketability that he says will revolutionize the way hospital patients are treated for broken long bones.

We initially caught up with 2007 Monticello High School graduate Tom Gerold last year, while he was turning heads for his innovation as a college student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He won first place for the Shoof’s Prize for Creativity at his college’s Innovation Day competition for inventing a device that allowed doctors to place stents further into the peripheral vasculature” than ever before (below the knee or elbow on your legs and arms