Letter to the editor: Landfill debate deserves attention

To the editor:

Once again we’re headed for elections. It’s the time when we get to exercise our right to vote, with no pressure nor force. But did you ever stop to think about the subliminal or “unseen”, “unnoticed” doings that go on way before the elections? The money spent on goodwill, like cookouts and fireworks and parades, all for free you know!
These must be good people and good companies that spend money like this. Don’t be on it, friends and neighbors.
All of our county commissioners are up for election this year and I would like to see what their thoughts are on the dreaded landfill expansion in a little over a year. Veolia, our landfill company, has been throwing around money on all sorts of feel good events this year already. I, for one, do not want their mess in my back yard! And with the addition of food wastes again, the rats and coyotes (who have been singing a lot lately!) are plentiful.
We used to see lots of deer in the field alongside of us, 22 one time. But since the landfill expanded last time, we are lucky to see 5 for the year. Please think about this before you vote this fall. Ask questions of the candidates.
Please don’t vote for them if they think landfill expansion is a good thing.

Joan Reed