Letter: Republicans don’t have better plan to cover uninsured

To the editor:
What is the hue and cry from the Republicans about the upcoming presidential election? Repeal and replace Obamacare! In order to do that they (1) have to defeat President Obama and (2) they have to replace the present constitutional law of the land called the Affordable Care Act. However, when leaders of the GOP are quizzed about their replacement plan for the ACA, they speak only in generalities and have no straight answers.
On Sunday, July 1, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was asked three times by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace how they were planning to help 30 million Americans who are not covered by health insurance and each time he replied with some oblique remark. The truth of the matter is: they don’t have a plan for these uninsured Americans and it is not a priority for the GOP leaders. They are more focused on defeating President Obama at any cost. The recent ruling by the Supreme Court supporting the Affordable Care Act, which gives hard-working middle-class families the insurance they deserve and holds insurance companies accountable for their abuses, has sent the Republicans reeling and they will say and use anything to distort the benefits of the ACA.
The U.S. is the only industrialized country in the world that doesn’t have some form of health-care coverage for all of its citizens. Our good neighbors the Canadians have a publicly funded health-care system to cover all its citizens. In America a greater percentage of the bankruptcies and mortgage foreclosures are due to large, unpaid medical bills. In Minnesota approximately 9.1 percent of the population (490,000 people) do not have health care coverage due to pre-existing conditions, job loss or cost. Their only hope is for the ACA to be fully implemented to include such options as a private health insurance exchange to manage costs and make health insurance more affordable.
I believe there are 30 million reasons why the Affordable Care Act should be embraced by all Americans. It is only the beginning of a plan, that is sponsored by the Democrats, which will make us truly the land of brotherhood from sea to shining sea.
John Norman