Campaign sign reminder

The Wright County Highway Department reminds political campaigners that state statute 160.2715(a)(9) strictly prohibits placement of private signs on county highway right-of-way property. This long-standing law includes political campaign signs.
According to county highway officials, when unlawfully placed signs are observed or reported, department personnel will remove the signs quickly.
The county will impound these signs at the Public Works Building in Buffalo for a reasonable length of time to allow sign owners to retrieve them. All unclaimed signs will be discarded.
The Wright County Highway Department emphasizes that it administers these laws in a fair and impartial manner, and political campaign signs will be treated in the same way as any other signs wrongly placed on county highway property by businesses, churches, private citizens or charitable groups.
Political campaigners are asked to place their signs only on private property where the landowner has given appropriate permission.

Campaign signs can’t be placed just anywhere on city and county roadways.