Thelen gets support of letter writer

To the editor:

A primary election will take place on August 14 and apparently only one race is on the ballot. Who will be county commissioner for our area? The redrawing of the county map resulted in Maple Lake, Clearwater and Monticello townships and cities along with Silver Creek becoming a new district.  This resulted in two sitting commissioners having to run against each other along with two other candidates who filed papers also. Turnout is expected to be very low, about 10 percent of those eligible.
I am urging your support and vote for Rose Thelen. She has been in for one term and is running against Mr. Sawatzke who is trying for his sixth round.  Having observed both in action in their various responsibilities, I submit Ms. Thelen will serve the citizens of the entire District the best. That is her track record.
No commissioner worked any harder to communicate with county employees, citizens wherever they might live as well as many elected and appointed officials to better understand and resolve any of their issues.   What she does is bring her public and business experience to each issue brought to her and attempt to identify what went wrong within the system that might require change. She is a “big picture” person but with a drive to solve the current problem while preventing new ones.
I have talked to various government officials in this new commissioner district including Monticello and they are supportive of Rose becoming their commissioner. During her first term even though she was not officially representing Monticello, she worked with school and city officials and employees to understand their issues and needs and help search for solutions. No one can ever say she has a narrow focus when working to make county government a more responsive and smoothly functioning entity. She has championed parks (Bertram), trails, gardens and numerous other efforts directed at helping people live their daily lives in peace and good health, many of which have not cost dollars, just Rose’s significant efforts.
Each voter needs to do their research on the four candidates but it is very important that you plan on voting on August 14.  Most likely there will be no waiting in line. My investigation will lead to the casting of my vote to keep Rose Thelen in office for a second term.

Robert Esse
Silver Creek