Thelen is an open-minded mediator, driven to serve

To the editor:

I am asking the voters of Monticello and Monticello Township to join me in voting for Rose Thelen for Wright County Commissioner, District 2, on primary election day, August 14. She has served as District 1 commissioner for the past four years. Prior to that she served as a Clearwater Township supervisor. I was able to get to know Rose personally and witness her skills as a commissioner during my last years in public office as sheriff. I hope to keep Rose working as commissioner from the newly formed District 2.
She passionately wants the job. I believe a fundamental requirement for election to a public office is that the candidate is really driven to serve. You can’t expect a person who doesn’t have 100 percent commitment to give you 100 percent service once in office.
In her time in office, Rose has demonstrated an open-minded approach to decision making. When a tough issue is before the board, she has considered the points of view of all parties before making up her mind. Even if her vote does not go their way, a citizen making a proposal to the board will know that Rose gave their point of view careful consideration. She listens, and asks questions when clarification is needed.
Rose has proven to be a true mediator of conflicts involving the county board and others when such conflicts have arisen. Rose doesn’t believe “We are right and you are wrong” is a proper opening line for the county to take in conflict resolution discussions. She has demonstrated a willingness to sit down, talk, and work the long hours needed to try to reach a workable compromise. That is a skill which real leaders develop.
Rose is really focused on family and child safety. Her work in developing policy for responding to domestic violence has carried over into her role as commissioner and she has diligently supported initiatives improving conditions for families and children. She is an active supporter and board member for nearly a dozen of these initiatives and coalitions. She supports the SAFE schools program and is part of a coordinated effort to improve the county’s response to domestic violence.
I believe Rose has proven to be the type of commissioner that citizens of Wright County need to represent them. If you agree, please join me in voting for Rose Thelen for 2nd District commissioner on Aug. 14.

Gary Miller
Clearwater Township

Editor’s note: The letter writer served as Wright County sheriff from May 2000 through his retirement in 2010.