Letter: Thank you to the Sheriff’s Department

To the editor:

Just a huge thank you to the Wright County Sheriff’s Department. The saying, “There never is a cop when you need one” certainly was not true for our family Saturday night.
Twelve went tubing on the Mississippi River and only four showed up at the end of the trip.                     After not hearing from the other party since they first called in, which is when got disconnected, we called in the Sheriff’s Department and they met us quickly with boat control from Montrose and four squad cars. Though it might have taken three hours to finally locate the missing party, whom had started out thinking it would be fun to tube, but actually ended up on the banks of the river when a storm came up with poor cell service, they were eventually located.             With three little children they tried to stay as dry as possible.                 The Sheriff’s Department worked hard and using today’s technology it was able to get a location of the missing group after pinging the last known cell phone call. T. Betts was also a welcome sight for the two who tried to climb the steep banks of the river and gave them warm towels and a place to stay until family members were able to finally be together.

Charlie Luing