Mississippi Eight strives for sportsmanship

On Monday, August 20th, the Mississippi 8 Conference athletics and activities directors hosted a student leadership meeting at Buffalo High School. There were 20 student leaders in attendance representing the Magic fall teams.  Our student-athletes from Monticello were joined by students from Big Lake, Buffalo, Cambridge-Isanti, Rogers, and St. Michael-Albertville. Former Minnetonka High School, St. Cloud State University honor graduate, and Vikings Captain Keith Nord spoke and led the leadership summit. He stressed that all present were leaders and as such are held to a high standard of personal conduct. Nord pointed out that it takes a lifetime to build a great name and reputation. That positive reputation can be destroyed with one poor decision. Keith challenged the leaders to seek out teammates and classmates on their teams and in school who need support and friendship. Leaders look out for those in need. He also challenged the student leaders to go out of their way to be positive and boost the self esteem of those in their lives. Keith Nord’s philosophy of life is to work hard, be positive, never quit, get out of your comfort zone, better yourself daily, and have fun in all aspects of life.

Sportsmanship Goals to be shared by students at events across the Mississippi 8:
It was decided by the Mississippi 8 activities directors that for conference and nonconference athletic events, the Mississippi 8 Sportsmanship Code will be recited by students prior to events.  Cass Johnson, from the girls’ soccer team, was the first student athlete at our school to recite this code on Thursday, August 23rd. Cass welcomed the Legacy Christian Academy girls soccer team and challenged the student-athletes on both teams to model outstanding sportsmanship.

The code:
One of the goals of the Minnesota State High School league and the Mississippi 8 Conference is the teaching of lifetime values. Sportsmanship is one such value that makes these games so enjoyable and such a valuable learning experience. Please remember whether you are a participant or in the stands, be a good sport. We all represent the Mississippi 8 Conference, our communities, schools, and families.

Thank you!
(This article was contributed by Cambridge-Isanti AD Mark Solberg and Monticello AD Gary Revenig)