An unfamiliar feeling

Carol Bitzer
Carol Bitzer

On all students’ first day back at Little Mountain without her being in the office to greet them, Carol Bitzer said she really wasn’t missing the work.
“It was time to go,” she said of her retirement last May. “When the time is right, you know it.”
Bitzer began with the district in November 1975 by working half-time at the high school and district office. She later worked full-time at the high school and also at the former junior high, for the cooperative special education program and at the Pinewood West addition for third through fifth grades before moving to Little Mountain at its opening in 1992.
She had worked in bookkeeping for General Mills and tabulated grocery orders for Red Owl stores before joining the school district.
Bitzer relied on her bookkeeping experience often at front desks in the schools by managing lunch accounts, activity funds and, in recent years, tuition payments for all-day kindergarten.
Her first summer of retirement included travel on a Cam-Am Spyder motorcycle to Durango, Colo., in June and around Lake Superior in August.
She said she will miss the students. “I really enjoyed the little kids,” Bitzer said. “They shined. They were so excited to come to school. They were there and they wanted to learn.”
She will also miss her colleagues. “They were all good to work with. We all had fun,” she said. “We all had our silly moments. If you can’t laugh at work, something’s wrong.”

By Paul Rignell