Letter: State health care is an important topic for election season

To the editor:

If your readers have any concerns about the national health care law, it is even more important to find out what is being proposed in Minnesota.
Governor Dayton quickly established a task force to implement a Minnesota Exchange, but since April 2011 it has not made public any significant details about its plans, goals or objectives.
Last week, in a letter to legislative leaders of both parties, the governor specifically stated nothing would be released until after the election. Since all of the legislative offices are up for election this November, I think it is very critical that his plan be released prior to October 2012. This would allow all voters to gather facts and ask questions of those running for office. This affects all of us and is a very significant part of all household costs as well as the state budget.
My concern was greatly elevated when I learned in the 2011 session, a bill passed by the House and Senate simply guaranteed current health insurance providers the right to continue providing coverage in competition with Exchange, but it was vetoed by the governor. His recent letter is not in keeping with prior statements about his desire for transparent and open government. Readers need to ask the governor for information. We must also ask legislative incumbents and challengers about their positions.
The national health care bill makes it clear, you do not need the majority of the citizens’ support, just the opportunity. Transparency is essential for Minnesotans in this very significant part of our family budget. Please act now!

Brian G. Blanchard
Big Lake