Letter: Anderson not there for flood victims

To the editor:

On Aug. 24 the Minnesota Legislature overwhelmingly approved a flood relief bill for the folks in Duluth and surrounding area. In the House of Representatives, the vote was 125 aye and 3 nay, indicating that nearly every representative, whether Republican or Democrat, voted to help our fellow Minnesotans in their time of need. District 19A Rep. Bruce Anderson was one of only three representatives to vote against the bill.
For 20 years Mr. Anderson has carefully avoided any perception that he thinks for himself. He votes as he is told by the Republican leadership. Suddenly, he is a maverick; now he’s a tough guy. Anderson won’t be getting tough with credit card companies that charge Minnesotans 30 percent interest; he won’t be getting tough with big banks that impose unfair fees; he won’t be getting tough with the owners of professional sports teams. No, Anderson has decided to “draw the line” on Minnesota families who are living in homeless shelters because they had three feet of water in their kitchen.
I hope Wright County never has a flood or a tornado or a severe drought; I don’t think the folks around Duluth will soon forget who stood with them when they needed help.
I have waited 20 years for Anderson – that great enemy of government spending – to take his three government pensions and retire, but now he has decided that he wants to become a senator. I have the perfect campaign slogan for him: “Vote for Bruce Anderson – it’s time to quit coddling flood victims.”

John Deitering