Letter: Local races must stay non-partisan

To the editor:

More elections and the associated campaigning are underway at all levels of elected officials. In Minnesota and other locations all candidates are nonpartisan when running for school boards, city and county offices and also the judiciary offices. There is a strong rationale for that.
Individuals elected are expected to work for the common good on mostly local problems without the burden of party dogma.
Foreign wars, defense spending, entitlements, constitution amendments etc. are important matters and it helps to get in-depth input at times from having party affiliation. But the thought process which was put in place decades ago was that local issues are better dealt with when people come to the table with only their character, life experiences and moral compass as their guide.  Rationale thought processes will lead to better decisions than might the outcomes if one is trying to follow some other external guidelines.
Government bodies in Washington and St. Paul have major hurdles to get the work done that is on their table and it has become impossible because the word compromise has become contaminated.  We do not want to emulate their process to any degree.  Let’s keep our regional and local elections non-partisan.  That will provide the optimum outcomes.

Bob Esse
Silver Creek