Letter: Sawatzke will lead County Board

To the editor:

This November all five seats on the Wright County Board of Commissioners are up for re-election.  There will be only one returning commissioner to the county board next January.
For this reason, as current members of the county board who will soon be retiring, we feel the District 2 Commissioner race is extremely important to the citizens of the entire county.
The position of county commissioner is challenging and the amount and variety of information placed in front of new board members can be overwhelming.
While many of the candidates in the other four districts have much to offer, the learning curve is steep. The candidate who advances from District 2 will be the only one with experience to provide the needed leadership to move the board forward to take on the challenges that face the county on a daily basis.
We unanimously agree that Commissioner Pat Sawatzke is the best choice to lead this new county board. Sawatzke has proven to us over the years his dedication to Wright County and its citizens.  He has shown through his actions to be a true public servant by recognizing that county government exists to serve its citizens, not the other way around.
The Wright County budget exceeds $100 million.  Sawatzke’s education in Business Administration (MBA) and experience as a small business owner provide him with an outstanding financial background.  His understanding of the budget in significant detail makes him a worthy advocate of the county taxpayers.
Trust us when we tell you he is a fiscal conservative. He understands the financial challenges faced by our citizens and works to keep Wright County as efficient as possible so more is not needed from taxpayers, many who are struggling themselves.
Each of us has worked with Sawatzke for a number of years. We respect his approach. He is a strong advocate for issues that he feels are important to Wright County.
Pat will work for consensus and compromise when he feels it benefits the county and he will stand firm when he believes that is what is right. He works to help maintain a Wright County that all of us can be proud to call home.
At the Nov. 6 General Election, we hope the citizens of District 2 (Clearwater City and Township, Maple Lake City and Township, Monticello City and Township and Silver Creek Township) re-elect Pat Sawatzke to the Wright County Board of Commissioners.

Elmer Eichelberg
St. Michael

Dick Mattson

Jack Russek