Letter: Rose best choice

To the editor:

I am urging voters to join me in supporting Rose Thelen for District Two County Commissioner on Nov. 6. Having known Rose for the past several years I can tell what she is, and what she is not …
Rose is not the same old tired bloviating politician telling folks what they want to hear just to get re-elected.
Rose views her role as county commissioner as a partnership with the citizens. Rose is a relationship builder, a facilitator, a listener, and a mediator. She will get the job done.
Rose does not have a “my way or the highway” attitude. Rose is respectful of everyone’s opinion and will not behave as if she knows it all.
Rose will be a thoughtful steward of the taxpayers’ dollars. Rose has challenged an antiquated budget process that charges taxpayers for services they don’t even receive. She will work to make government more efficient and effective. She will treat all with an open mind.
Best of all, Rose is not one of the “good ol’ boys,” and will not make the position of county commissioner into a lifelong career. If you like what you have seen the last 20 years –  higher taxes, expensive lawsuits, high employee turnover, poor employee morale, and a “my way or the highway” management style – vote for the other guy.
If you want fresh ideas and someone who will respectfully represent all of the citizens of District 2, join me in supporting Rose Thelen for Wright County Commissioner on Nov. 6.

Bruce Thielen

Editor’s Note: Thielen is a former Wright County Parks Administrator and former Monticello city council member and mayor.