Letter: Wedding celebration was successful

To the editor:

We recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary at Russell’s on the Lake with more than 100 guests attending. We received so many compliments from guests that our ears are still ringing. The most noteworthy comment was from David Buffington, who owned and operated Gannon’s Restaurant and Supper Club in Pipestone for 25 years. He said, “There isn’t one thing that could have been done better. I’ve catered hundreds of these affairs and this is the best one that I’ve ever been to.” The servers were upbeat, concerned and respectful, and they worked hard to make our special occasion everything we wanted it to be and more. Mission accomplished. We selected Russell’s because they projected a “can do” attitude and were the most accommodating of all the places we considered. Best regards to Derek and Russell Vetsch for giving us a day we will remember fondly for many years to come.

DuWayne and Joyce Hagen
St. Michael