Letter: Yes for Marriage Amendment

To the editor:

Children do best when raised with traditionally married parents. Some voters are concerned that voting yes on the marriage amendment discriminates against same sex couples attaining adoption. I encourage voters to view resources educating why marriage is for one man and one woman. Marriage Minutes Videos sponsored by MinnesotaforMarriage.com has a video “Children Raised by a Same-Sex Parent Are Significantly Worse Off Compared to Those Raised by Their Traditionally Married Parents.” More than 2,900 young adults were surveyed each having been raised by a same sex parent. This is the first large scale, random sample, peer reviewed, and published family structure study ever conducted. The study can be found at “New Family Structures Study” conducted by Mark Regnerus of the University of Texas, http://www.prc.utexas.edu/nfss/.

Donna Rothstein