Letter: Yes for Marriage Amendment

To the editor:

Children do best when raised with traditionally married parents. Some voters are concerned that voting yes on the marriage amendment discriminates against same sex couples attaining adoption. I encourage voters to view resources educating why marriage is for one man and one woman. Marriage Minutes Videos sponsored by MinnesotaforMarriage.com has a video “Children Raised by a Same-Sex Parent Are Significantly Worse Off Compared to Those Raised by Their Traditionally Married Parents.” More than 2,900 young adults were surveyed each having been raised by a same sex parent. This is the first large scale, random sample, peer reviewed, and published family structure study ever conducted. The study can be found at “New Family Structures Study” conducted by Mark Regnerus of the University of Texas, http://www.prc.utexas.edu/nfss/.

Donna Rothstein

  • Ron Wipper

    The OTHER side!! Studies were also done at a few other schools some of you may have heard of:
    For instance:
    1. A 2008 metastudy from Michigan State University
    Findings: Results confirm previous studies in this current body of literature, suggesting that children raised by same-sex parents fare equally well to children raised by heterosexual parents.”
    2. A 1998 research from the University of Virgina
    Findings: “Children [developed] in normal fashion, and that their adjustment was unrelated to structural variables such as parental sexual orientation or the number of parents in the household.
    3. A 2009 research from the University of Amsterdam and New York State Psychiatric Institute
    Findings: “Children in lesbian families felt less parental pressure to conform to gender stereotypes, were less likely to experience their own gender as superior and were more likely to be uncertain about future heterosexual romantic involvement. No differences were found on psychosocial adjustment.
    4. A 2007 study from Florida State University
    Findings: “Gay and lesbian adoptive parents in this sample fell into the desirable range of the parenting scale and their children have strength levels equal to or exceeding the scale norms.
    There are more http://journalistsresource.org/studies/government/civil-rights/same-sex-marriage-children-well-being-research-roundup/

    Women now Vote, African-Americans no longer have to ride in the back of a bus, and it’s time that our Gay Friends, Neighbors and Family members no longer have to be “in a closet”!! VOTE “NO” on November 6th!!
    Thank You!

  • Jeff Gardner

    Citing one article to support your theory is very weak. Studies just like polls can be swayed by many factors and in turn interpeted then published to meet the authors preconceived notions of what they desire for an outcome. A simple Google search will bring up just as many or perhaps more study results to support the thought that children of same-sex couples suffer from little to no different problems than kids from heterosexual couples. The prevailing thought or finding I have found in a quick search and read is that the main issue these kids have results from bullying or scorn by those opposed to their living situation. Now if that is what you fear or object to, then you are not addressing the issue where it needs to be. Just as we have struggled in the past many years to fight racial discrimination, it is at the forefront now that we should be fighting this blatant and very distructive discrimination fed by short-sighted persons in favor of this ammendment.

    We are a nation made up of many different cultural and religious groups. This is how we began and have thrived through the many years. Many of our ancestors fled their home countries to escape religious persecution and seek freedom here in this great country. It is a very sad statement that in such a relatively short time we have forgotten where we came from and have reverted to committing the same errors of the past.

  • Lori Winter

    Im just wondering when marriage became a right?? Isnt marriage between a man and a women a sacrament from God-reference: the Bible