Letter: Sawatkze is obvious choice for District 2 board voters

To the editor:

Sawatzke is the obvious choice. Pat has been and will continue to be a frugal steward of our precious tax dollars. Since becoming county commissioner, he has ALWAYS had the best interest of the taxpayers in mind. From remodeling the courthouse to the new jail, Pat has trimmed costs by tens of thousands of dollars. The biggest issue we must all remember in this election is there will be four NEW sitting members of the commission making decisions. We must all ask ourselves, do we want someone in that leadership role that by her own admission “isn’t the smartest person in the room,” or someone who is a proven leader? If we choose the former, rest assured the county WILL be “run” by the staff. The staff is NOT beholden to the taxpayers. Pat will keep them in check. Rose has commented herself to be the spokesperson for staff and their union. She has advocated for more county employees and benefits. County employee costs are the lions’ share of the budget. Pat has held the line on the number of employees and wage increases. much to the chagrin of the union members. Employee wages, retirement and health care packages have been the major reason some cities, counties and states are going bankrupt. Choose wisely my friends … Choose Pat Sawatzke!

Glen Posusta