Letter: Thelen’s endorsement by union raises questions

To the editor:

Recently, I learned candidate Rose Thelen has been endorsed by the Minnesota Regional Labor Federation (http://www.minneapolisunions.org/mrlf_endorsed_2012.php ) which, according to the Federation’s web-site is “the umbrella organization of Minneapolis area local unions and includes 121 affiliated unions” and is affiliated with the AFL-CIO.
While the nature of the endorsement remains unclear, it does raise a whole host of questions regarding the extent to which labor unions are influencing Rose Thelen’s campaign.
However, one question that the union endorsement does clarify is that of Rose Thelen’s credentials as a fiscal conservative.
It is common knowledge that unions do not support fiscally conservative candidates and the MRLF’s endorsement of Rose Thelen for District 2 County Commissioner is a clear indication that they believe Rose Thelen to not be a fiscal conservative. If you are at all concerned about the size, the scope and the cost of Wright County government then union-endorsed Rose Thelen is clearly not the candidate to vote for.
The District 2 candidate who, year-in and year-out, has been the consistent and reliable friend to Wright County taxpayer is Pat Sawatzke.

Tom McGregor
Maple Lake