Monticello nuclear plant resumes power generation

The Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant resumed full power operation earlier this week after a two-day shutdown that occurred Sept. 25, Xcel Energy reported.
The plant shut down safely at 11:07 a.m. last Tuesday when workers were performing electrical equipment maintenance.
The event momentarily interrupted power supplies to select plant systems.
Maintenance workers were testing an amp meter selector switch on a transformer connected to the plant electrical bus.
The power supply interruption didn’t last long enough for the plant’s diesel back-up generation to kick in, Xcel reported. Plant protective features detected the condition and shut down the reactor as designed.
All plant safety systems functioned as designed, and the situation posed no danger to the public or plant workers.
The plant was restarted at a low power level Friday, Sept. 28, and ramped up over the weekend.
The 600-megawatt plant generates enough electricity to power nearly 450,000 homes.
A U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission reactor status report released Monday indicated the Monticello Nuclear Generating plant was operating at 100 percent.