Letter: Make sure your voice is heard, vote for Thelen Nov. 6

To the editor:

In her tenure as Wright County Commissioner, it has been evident that Rose Thelen understands that an elected official’s primary role is to act as a public servant.
I first met Thelen when I worked with her on Wright County’s Natural Resources and Water Quality Committee in 2008. What impressed me most about Thelen was her ability to listen and the respect she shows for all varying opinions from various groups.
She was never hasty in order to get decisions made or condescending to others, but rather she wanted to make sure that she made the right decision based on all available information.
After I was elected to the Annandale City Council, she reached out to see what the needs of Annandale were and how she could serve us. One of the first issues our council raised was the lack of quality broadband Internet in our area. Thelen immediately contacted the city administrator to see how she could help. Thelen was also happy to help with grant applications for trails and worked to prioritize projects so that all communities had equal opportunities.
Thelen is not one to sit back and wait to hear from her constituents. Thelen often initiated calls and emails looking for feedback on issues that affected our community. Most recently, she had concerns about the redistricting maps that were drawn up for Wright County. She asked me to look at the maps and see what I thought. I, as well as many others, wrote a letter to the redistricting committee voicing my opinion. I was very disappointed to learn that all of the letters were summarily dismissed. We need someone in Wright County who will listen to his or her constituents. I know that Thelen, if elected, will work to make sure that a process is put in place to make sure that doesn’t happen again.
If you are looking for a county commissioner who will work for her constituents and make sure your voice is the one that matters, vote for Rose Thelen on Nov. 6.

Shelly Jonas