Letter: Voter has a key message for lawmaker, candidate

To the editor:

During an Aug. 24 special legislative session, Republicans and Democrats united in an effort to provide desperately needed flood relief for families and businesses in Duluth and northern Minnesota hard hit by June’s historic flood.
For a Legislature that has been marred by scandal and dysfunction, it was a pleasant surprise to see almost every legislator put politics aside. Shamelessly, Bruce Anderson was among only three members of the House voting “NO” (125 voted yes).
True fiscal conservatives understand that the state ought to invest in repairing our roads and bridges when they are destroyed by natural disasters. Minnesota’s economy cannot afford to leave flood-damaged infrastructure in disrepair, nor can we afford to stand idly by as flooded small businesses struggle to reopen. I can only imagine how Bruce Anderson would vote if we here ever experienced record floods, or even ended up in the path of a tornado!
If Bruce Anderson doesn’t think responding to natural disasters is important, what sort of spending does he condone? He has no qualms about his taxpayer funded salary, even taking home his House paycheck while the state government shut down for 21 days! I guess he simply just doesn’t care. Time for a change!

Jeff Gardner