Letter: Former city administrator supports Thelen

To the editor:

This letter is in support of Rose Thelen for Wright County Commissioner. As the former Annandale city administrator, I had the opportunity to directly work with Rose as she represented the city of Annandale. I could talk about her many attributes, but the following example of her leadership and fortitude I believes sums it up.
A few years ago, a large state of Minnesota grant was awarded to Wright County and only distributed to two cities in Wright County. I was very displeased that Annandale was not given the opportunity to compete for funding so I contacted Rose and questioned the process. In response, she organized several meetings and ensured the process was fair and equitable for all Wright County cities that wished to apply for the second round of the funding. Annandale and several other Wright County cities were the benefactors of her hard work.
I believe Rose has a true sense of what is fair for all in Wright County. In addition to this example, I had many other opportunities to witness, firsthand, Rose’s desire to stay connected, and her ability to marshal resources and build bridges through her attendance at city administrator of Wright County meetings. Whenever there was a project that enhanced good and sensible government, Rose wanted to be involved.

Mark Casey
Former Annandale City Administrator

Editor’s Note: Casey is currently the city manager in St. Anthony, Minn.