Letter: County budget a shell game

To the editor:

The county budget process is a shell game and it is about time it is exposed for what it is. It is a fact that the county has been charged for phantom positions and the board used the money for their own agenda. You are reading this right: There are unfilled positions with no salary, insurance and benefits; there is no intention of these becoming actual positions! Mr. Sawatzke states that this extra money has been used for keeping the levy stable while Mr. Russek states that it has been used for “special projects.” So which is it?  Where is the money? This sounds like bad governance and smells even worse.  It is evident that when you tax for one thing, then secretly use the money for something else, it is a flawed system. We are supposed to “trust you” that you are doing the right thing?
We may be a small town but we are not stupid! Quit playing funny with our money and be straight about the budget. Quit trying to make the folks who are speaking out about this issue the problem – do not forget we are the taxpayers, and it is our money you are moving around, in secret, while you claim to be doing us a favor. This is no favor to the taxpayers to tax us for positions that don’t exist, then act indignant when you get caught.
You are right about one thing, Mr. Sawatzke: We as taxpayers are having a difficult time making ends meet. So enough of the shell game, and enough of your bully tactics when you do not like what we have to say – seems like you are the one trying to rewrite history.

Meridith LeMoyne