Letter: It’s about protecting values, religious freedom

To the editor:

Although gay rights activists want you to believe that voting no to the Marriage Amendment in November will not have any consequences, it will, indeed, have profound consequences throughout society. Marriage would become genderless and there would be no boundaries for marriage.
In other states where same sex marriages are legalized, Christian businesses have been sued for not participating in a same sex marriage ceremony. This includes photographers, caterers and printing companies. These are small business owners who have made a choice, but their religious freedom has been taken away. This amendment isn’t about giving equal rights to people who have same sex attractions, but about protecting the rights, and religious freedom of heterosexual couples.
In Canada, pastors and religious leaders have been arrested for preaching on their religious views on marriage. They have also been ordered by human rights organizations to perform same sex union ceremonies or be fined or arrested.
So for those of you who think this is about love and acceptance, please take another look. It’s about protecting our values, rights, and religious freedom. Marriage was defined before government ever existed. Please Vote Yes on Nov.6

Julie Spiers