Letter: Thelen has saved taxpayers money

To the editor:

OK, could everyone cut the crap about who’s conservative or not?  You think the citizens are so stupid that we don’t care about anything else?  I think we are smart enough to care more about what Rose has done and what she will do for the county, than what Pat Sawatzke says.  I think that Rose has saved the taxpayers lots of money by working with (instead of against) the townships, cities and the citizens.  In four years, she worked it out with Corinna, stopped the county from dumping bad roads on us, spoke up against charging us for open positions in the budget (which only saves us money if you don’t charge us for them!).  Since Rose has been on the board, the levy increase has gone down to zero percent.
I have gotten to know Rose, and she walks her talk.  I am 65 years old and voted for the first time in my life for Rose.  I am voting for Rose again on Nov. 6.
Pat Sawatzke is obviously a lifer politician and will say and do whatever it takes to get re-elected.  We don’t need this type of leader and it needs to stop.  Either run open and honestly like Rose Thelen does, or don’t run. My vote is definitely for Rose Thelen.

Linda Wente
Clearwater Township