Letter: Thelen listens to voter concerns

To the editor:

Commissioner Rose Thelen has apparently become the target of a coordinated, mean-spirited attack campaign by the boys on the county board.  Why?  Is it because she voiced legitimate concerns over the county’s budget process, challenging the status quo, or is it because redistricting has created a situation where Rose Thelen and Pat Sawatzke must now campaign for the same Commissioner seat?  Her comment that the County’s budget process is flawed is an opinion shared by others who have participated in the process.  Rude and condescending treatment shouldn’t be the response to voicing her budget concerns.
Rose has demonstrated that she is willing to listen to constituents’ concerns and to work to mediate where possible.  This ability to sit down and discuss the issues could have possibly prevented the county’s past ill advised and costly litigation.  The inflexible positions and argumentative negotiation styles of others on the board certainly didn’t work.
Rose’s issue is more than unfilled positions.  It has to do with ability to provide needed services to county residents and with staff burnout and turnover.  I urge voters in the 2nd Commissioner District to ignore the protectionism and personal attacks against Rose and vote to keep Rose Thelen commissioner.

Gary Torfin

Editor’s Note: Torfin formerly worked for Wright County as jail administrator.