Letter: Voter ID amendment is needed

To the editor:

I read these letters to editor of my friends on the left who constantly oppose the Voter ID amendment with unfounded arguments that try to persuade the uninformed voters by appealing to their emotions by saying such things as, “Granny won’t be able to vote or my nephew in college won’t be able to vote because they lack ID.” Really?  Every student is assigned an ID once they are admitted to a college. The proposed amendment clearly states if elderly people or those in poverty don’t have an ID one will be issued for free. BAM!  The latest line I heard from a person who told me they opposed the Voter ID amendment was among other reasons because it is like a ‘poll tax’ and they questioned where the proof of fraud was in our states’ elections? Firstly, a ‘poll tax’ was a fee charged to the person when voting and was used by racist Democrats in the south at the turn of the 20th century to bar the black voters. As I stated earlier, those that cannot afford an ID will be issued one for free. Her attempt at playing the race card was due to come up since I was talking to a liberal in my mind who was defending a position that was fact-less. Onto her next objection to Voter ID by my friend on the left, which is, “show me the proof of election fraud.” Thanks to some research I found out that in the 2008 Presidential election, 6,224 Election Day registrants provided unverifiable names and/or addresses. Obviously, not all of those are fraudulent, but 177 people have been convicted — not just accused, but convicted — of voting fraudulently in the Senate race. Another 66 are awaiting trial.  Minnesota’s U.S. senate race where Franken defeated Coleman was decided by just 312 votes.
So, there is the proof, all verifiable facts, no emotions, that we need to improve the integrity of the election process by removing the archaic ‘Honor System’, regardless if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, so every vote counts and is protected, but Democrats are ’Fracking’ (burying their heads way deep into the ground) on this issue.
By the way, my friend on the left who opposes Voter ID was none other than County Commissioner candidate Rose Thelen. In my opinion Wright County would be better served by a conservative such as Pat Sawatzke who has shown he represents fiscal responsibility and common sense.

Steve Northenscold
Maple Lake