Monticello Community Center change order gets council OK

City leaders approved a $161,000 change order for ceiling painting at the Monticello Community Center (MCC) during a special meeting early Monday morning.
Councilmembers Brian Stumpf, Lloyd Hilgart and Tom Perrault attended the 7 a.m. meeting called by Mayor Clint Herbst, who was out of town.
Councilmember Glen Posusta was also out of town. According to City Manager Jeff O’Neill, the special meeting was called in order to save money.
The original paint applied to the Natatorium ceiling was not applied per specifications, and because of the improper application, large areas of the ceiling paint are flaking off.
According to O’Neill, since scaffolding was in place, it was evident that under any circumstances there would be a need to repaint the ceiling relatively soon and any future repainting would involve closing the pool again.
The facility opening delay will be only a week because the painting can be done parallel to other work, O’Neill stated via email. Ebert Construction is “extremely aware” of the community’s desire to reopen the pool as quickly as possible and is doing everything possible to achieve that goal, O’Neill reported Tuesday.
An agenda from the Oct. 15 special meeting states the city of Monticello’s legal counsel has been notified to determine if it’s possible to seek damages from Donlar Construction, the original project contractor, because projects specifications were not followed. However, there is a 10-year statute involving such claims, and the city is beyond the 10-year limit for action.
The MCC reopening has been pushed back to Nov. 26.