Letter: Thelen is a true public servant

To the editor:

I am writing to inform you of the impression and insight I have experienced from working with a commissioner in your current district, Rose Thelen. Currently I am the medical consultant for Wright County Public Health and have been in that position since 1997.
I have attended many meetings in which Rose Thelen has been an active participant and listener. I have served with her on the Public Health Task Force and the Public Health Strategic Planning Group committees. She has been an active participant in both committees, showing her broad  breadth of knowledge of Wright County and its citizens. She brings a true desire for partnership in approaching problem-solving and respect for all citizens and needs.
I see a true public servant in her, willing to put in extra hours of work to come to a conclusion that is best overall for everyone.  She is a woman who is very good at reminding us who are the people we are working for and the future goals we need to work towards.
I live in Cokato Township (Wright County District 3), but I do want to inform the citizens of the very hard working, earnest representative they have and recommend keeping Rose Thelen as their trustworthy advocate.

Jennifer Ray Mader