Letter: Thelen represents intelligent, level-headed choice

To the editor:

I am writing to voice my support for Rose Thelen. Rose is a bridge builder and is always willing to listen, and let me explain why. I contacted her with concerns about an issue my family was having with a few departments in Wright County. Rose listened without judgment and said “Let me check into this.” And she did! Rose set up meetings between my family and the departments and Rose attended these meetings. Rose did this on her own time. After these interactions Rose checked with us regularly to see how things had progressed. There were positive changes that came out of these meetings and I give credit to Rose for seeing it through. I am grateful to Rose for the many, many hours she spent assisting us with our concerns.
Rose is intelligent, level headed and not afraid of hard work. Wright County is fortunate to have her as a commissioner and I hope people see through the mean spirited campaign of others who have their own agenda, which in my opinion isn’t the best for Wright County. Rose Thelen is the person who goes beyond the call of duty to help all Wright County citizens. Keep Rose Thelen as county commissioner!

Cindy Iessen