Letter: Thelen will spend tax dollars wisely

To the editor:

I am endorsing Rose Thelen to be the County Commissioner from our area.  She is a hard worker who treats the county staff with respect and helps them to get their work targeted at what the county citizens really need.  In her next term, she hopes to initiate improved methods of board governance in budgeting, decision making, planning and evaluation, using “best practices” in use in other counties and in private industry as well. No more “good ‘ol boys” club.
I considered supporting Pat Sawatzke.  There are a couple reasons such as his name is well-known in the area and he is running for his 6th four-year term.  But I could not think of any other reasons.
Rose is extremely sensitive about spending the tax dollars wisely.  Rose also favors transparency in all budgetary matters so that what shows as line items will indeed be used for that purpose.  No slush funds allowed for future “whatevers.”
She is proposing an initiative that would bring communication among various government bodies to a new level.  These efforts are minimal today among the legislators in our district and the townships and cities in Wright County.  The purpose is to make all levels of government more efficient.
Rose works across the country in reform efforts and system changes where she has honed her skills in policy development, communication and cooperative leadership skills.  She has public and private experience along with her single term serving as County Commissioner.
Rose deserves another term.  Please vote!

Bob Esse
Silver Creek Township