Letter: Sawatzke is a proven leader

To the editor:

I read the unanimous letter of support from retiring Commissioners Russek, Mattson and Eichelberg for Wright County Commissioner candidate Pat Sawatzke.  In addition, I saw the endorsement of Wright County Commissioner Pat Sawatzke from former County Commissioner Karla Heeter prior to the primary election.  I would like to add my support to Commissioner Pat Sawatzke in this very important upcoming general election.
In order for the Wright County Board of Commissioners to work effectively together on behalf of the residents of Wright County they need to show each other respect.  A difference of opinion on the issues is healthy but members need to understand that after a board decision has been made, members need to move forward for the best interest of the county.
Pat Sawatzke understands how effective boards work together to create positive results.
Pat Sawatzke is conservative and understands the county’s $100 million budget and how it impacts taxpayers.  Taxpayers will always have a strong voice in the budget process with Pat on the board.
Pat Sawatzke is a proven county leader.  He effectively led a group of new commissioners (myself included) on the right path in 1993 similar to what will be needed next year.
I served with Pat Sawatzke on the Wright County Board of Commissioners and while we did not agree on every issue, we were always able to work together for the best interest of the county and its citizens.  It is important to the citizens of the entire county that Pat Sawatzke is re-elected to the Wright County Board of Commissioners in District 2.  His institutional knowledge and his leadership skills are critical in this year of tremendous change on the county board.  I proudly support Pat Sawatzke for re-election to the Wright County Board of Commissioners.

Judie Rose