Letter: Former human services director backs Thelen

To the editor:

On Nov. 6, Minnesotans are going to make some very serious choices about the future of our Country and State.  Because this is a presidential and Congressional election year, much of our attention is focused in that direction.  But I have always believed that how we vote in local elections may in some ways be even more important to our individual lives and circumstances.  My case in point is local County Board elections.  In Wright County this year, because of re-districting, voters have a unique opportunity to actually move the County in a significantly different direction, by virtue of whom they vote for in the County Board election.
I recently retired as Human Services Director in Wright County, after serving 23 years in that position.  During my tenure, I worked with 13 different commissioners.  One of these commissioners is Rose Thelen.  Rose is running for re-election, and because of re-districting, she must run against incumbent Commissioner Pat Sawatzke.
I am writing to strongly endorse the re-election of Rose Thelen.  During my years as Human Services Director, I worked with several commissioners whom I would describe as exceptional.  These commissioners were outstanding in their leadership, visionary insights,  decision-making, fiscal conscientiousness, and perhaps most importantly, personal integrity.  Rose Thelen is one of those commissioners.  She has excellent problem-solving capacity and communication skills.  She is a bridge builder between people with differing points of view; she always listens to all sides before drawing conclusions; and she has the interests of her constituents as her foremost concern.
Rose is a very intelligent, straightforward person who seems almost instinctively  able to bring people together.  She makes good judgments and compromises as needed.  She is highly respected by  employees within the county, and she works tirelessly to meet the needs of her fellow citizens.  She has a clear vision and understanding of how to plan for and meet  future challenges within the county.
As noted above, this election provides a real opportunity for Wright County to go forward with an optimistic and more progressive view of the future.  That change will start with the re-election of Rose Thelen as County Commissioner in the Second District of Wright County.

Don Mleziva
Golden Valley

Editor’s Note: Mleziva is a former Wright County Human Services director.