Letter: Marriage amendment is about protecting love

To the editor:

This is a response to a letter published on Oct. 18th: “Voting no on the marriage amendment in November will not make marriage “genderless.” In fact, it will just keep the constitution as is and keep the state marriage laws the same. State marriage laws already ban same-sex marriage and will continue to do so after the election no matter how you vote. Voting no on this freedom limiting amendment allows this important conversation about marriage to continue.
The letter brought up many instances seen in Minnesota for Marriage’s brand new TV ad that was branded as “Questionable” by WCCO’s Pat Kessler and MPR News declared “Marriage amendment ad misleads”. The facts matter in this debate. We all care about children and want what’s best for them. Scientific evidence and nearly entire medical and psychological professional communities – including the American Psychological Association, American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association – have concluded that sexual orientation has no impact on a parent’s ability to raise happy, healthy children. Indeed, this amendment is about protecting the freedom of loving, committed same-sex couples that are already raising families of their own.
I agree that this amendment is about protecting the religious freedom to marry couples that faith leaders want to marry. Many churches and synagogues are already performing ceremonies for same-sex couples; however, it is not a marriage without a marriage license. Voting yes would be an infringement on those faiths’ religious freedoms. This should be a decision that each individual faith makes and not one the government makes for them.
So for those of you doubting that this amendment is about love and acceptance, I agree that you should take a second look. You’ll find this amendment is about protecting love, commitment and responsibility to one another. Voting No protects everyone’s values and religious freedoms. No one should be told it is illegal to marry the person they love! Please vote No on Nov. 6.

Alex Wipper
St. Paul