Letter: Married to Mitt Romney

To the editor:

When I watch Mitt Romney on TV, I think, “I’ve been there.” I was married to “him” for 18 years. This Mitt Romney is just like the man I lived with – and after 18 years – he kept the business, that’s what Mitt Romney will do. My husband, like Mitt Romney, said “We’ll put our excess money in a Swiss bank account and pay even less taxes.” It’s all about more wealth, more greed, more control, more outsourcing of jobs.
Instead of paying more taxes we’d just buy a new airplane, new car, real estate, etc.
Being rich is all about getting richer. There’s nothing wrong with that, except when you think your biggest problem is how to get out of paying taxes.
I voted Republican for 31 years. My husband said we pay less taxes with a Republican president, owning our business we’d started in 1964.
After we divorced, I had a rude awakening. I had to pay my own car, insurance, gas, medical insurance, etc., expenses the business wrote off.
I realized I wasn’t a multimillionaire anymore. I’d become middle class.
Sometimes I admit, I’d rather be a multimillionaire again, shopping in Paris, piloting our own airplanes, living rich.
I’m not filthy rich anymore, but my four children tell me they like and respect me more now. I’ve studied which political party will have respect for me as a middle class woman. I am 65, on Medicare now and worry that the top 1 percent, the rich who always vote Republican, will take away my Medicare, give me a voucher to go looking for an insurance company that will accept an old lady. They’ll privatize social security, putting me in a position of depending on Wall Street.
If you’re living on Medicare or Medicaid, government assistance, disability, if you rent, don’t even own a home, why would you vote for the top richest 1 percent, like Mitt Romney? At least President Obama can understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. He lived that life.
Open your eyes, are you really, really rich enough to vote like the top 1 percent richest people in this country? Are you middle class, who will someday need Medicare or Medicaid, will you need social security in the future? Don’t depend on it, if the top 1 percent of the richest people don’t need it, they don’t care about it.

Joan D. Bondhus