Letter: O’Neill has knowledge, integrity

To the editor:

I am writing to express my support for Marion O’Neill to be our next representative for Minnesota House District 29B.   Marion worked with me in my certified public accounting firm in Buffalo.  During that time, she proved her integrity, intelligence and work ethic.  I learned, as many others have, that if you need something done, ask Marion!  Marion understands the challenges facing small and midsized businesses in greater Minnesota.  Unlike the other candidates, Marion has practical experience in helping businesses comply with the tax laws and management issues they face.  She has also seen that many of the policies and programs touted by politicians often do not work in the real world.  Given the economic problems facing our nation, it is critical that we have public servants with firsthand knowledge of how government decisions affect business, and how businesses operate.
For too long we have operated on a paradigm in which government overtaxes the public, and then attempts to target spending and manage the economy according to the judgment of politicians.  This has never worked.  History has proven that no group of leaders is wise enough to efficiently control a complex economy.  And the temptation for politicians to consolidate power by doling out political patronage has proven irresistible, leading all too often to corruption and waste.  If unchecked, this trend leads to economic collapse.
Nearly everyone knows that our nation is facing high unemployment, a slow-growth economy, and unsustainable deficits.  What most people don’t know is that we encountered similar problems on several other occasions in the last 100 years, and each time the solution has included some common elements.  Presidents Warren Harding, Harry Truman, John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush all had to contend with these problems.  Each of these presidents responded by getting Congress to cut income tax rates. When tax rates were cut, economic activity increased.  Ironically, this resulted in increased total tax revenues.  The outcome was increased employment, reduced budget deficits, and economic growth.
Marion O’Neill understands these things.  During a time when the Democrat party is aggressively pursuing policies that are observably harmful, we do not need people whose main goal in the legislature is compromise.  It is always easier to promise things to voters, or to compromise, than to advocate for principles that are economically sound.  Marion O’Neill has the knowledge and integrity to stand up for what is best for Minnesota.

Eric Fredrickson