Letter: Pastor comments on marriage amendment

To the editor:

We are frequently told by gay activists that marriage can be redefined and that there will be virtually no consequences for society.  But this is just not true.  The experience of Canada, our neighbor to the North, which has had same-sex marriage for years now, shows us this very clearly.
There have been hundreds of proceedings in courts, human rights commissions and employment boards against critics and opponents of same-sex marriage.  Religious groups and leaders have been punished.  For example the Catholic Archbishop of Calgary was forced to answer to the Alberta Human Rights Commission for preaching the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage.  Prominent Canadian sportscaster, Damien Goddard, was fired for tweeting his support for traditional marriage.  And a Canadian teacher was suspended for one month for his Christian views on homosexuality, which he expressed in a letter to the editor.  There is now a government-funded “registry of homophobic acts” to keep track of complaints, even anonymous ones, by homosexuals, of alleged mistreatment.
But perhaps the most concerning consequences in Canada are those that impact children and school.  For example, 4 year-olds are taught about “gay marriage” in school.  Teachers instruct the children using the book, “Mom and Mom are Getting Married”, and parents have no right to opt their children out.  There are mandatory gay-straight alliances in schools, including religious schools and home-schools.  Home-schoolers are forced to use so-called diversity curricula and Catholic schools are no longer allowed to teach their catechism as part of their curriculum.   Holding sincere faith-based views about marriage provides no alternative recourse for kids in the schools.  Here is what the managing editor of a prominent gay magazine in Vancouver had to say:  “The gay rights movement is shifting norms in Canada and with that comes a message to those who won’t evolve.  Your outdated morals are no longer acceptable and we will teach your kids the new norm.”
The claim that same-sex marriage has no consequences has certainly been disproved in Canada.  To avoid consequences like these, Minnesotans need to preserve traditional marriage by voting “Yes” on the Marriage Protection Amendment Nov. 6.

Father Tony VanderLoop

Editor’s Note: VanderLoop is pastor of St Henry’s Catholic Church in Monticello.

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