Letter: Sawatzke deserves another term

To the editor:

There’s plenty of reasons why many retiring Commissioners support Pat Sawatzke for a sixth term as our commissioner. He is extremely qualified. Those that have served with Sawatzke support him for his leadership, his strong capabilities, dedication, intelligence and levelheadedness. He is responsible in budgeting and is a sensible decision maker while effectively working with others for the best interests of our County and its residents and taxpayers.
I also believe there’s a reason why several current or former public employees or union workers have indicated support for Thelen by their letters to the editor. Thelen’s support from and affiliation with union employees in my opinion could affect her decisions as their contracts are negotiated with the county. I want Sawatzke on the board when these contracts are discussed, a strong negotiator for both the workers and for the taxpayers. Right now under Sawatzke’s leadership, our county ranks low in spending with a balanced budget; therefore, keeping our taxes down. I believe that the budget will increase with Rose Thelen and I believe that Pat Sawatzke has served the county well by keeping Wright County’s spending low with a balanced budget. We need his experience. Vote for Pat.

Iris Harris