Letter: Sawatzke passionate about being commissioner

To the editor:

I am writing to express my support for Pat Sawatzke in the race for Wright County Commissioner.
Pat is truly a local guy, has run a small business in Monticello, and you will see him at all the local events with his family.  From Riverfest, to Rotary functions and fundraisers (he’s a longtime Rotarian), to Lions events and fundraisers all throughout the year, he’s a great supporter of our local charitable organizations and their efforts.   He was born and raised in Monticello, and he’s deeply rooted in this community.  He is one of us.   Who better to represent us at the county level?  If you have a question, just look for him at the next Pancake Breakfast or Fish Fry.  He’ll be there, I guarantee it.
Pat Sawatzke is definitely passionate about his job.  That comes from a strong belief in what’s right for the taxpayers of the county.  His experience is a great asset to the board.  As for his record, Wright County’s status among counties in Minnesota is evidence that his years on the board have been good for the county.  The endorsement of so many other past and current board members should also tell you that he’s the right choice, and his leadership and  experience is needed going forward.
Pat Sawatzke always has and will continue to put responsible, conscientious, and common-sense effort into the county’s business, and we can trust him to do the right thing for county residents.  He is also a very active member of this community, which I believe to be an important asset for Monticello. Vote for Pat Sawatzke for County Commissioner.

Mike Lundquist