Letter: Thelen a proven leader

To the editor:

The Wright County District 2 commissioner race is critical because it will determine the only commissioner from the current board who will serve on the new one.  Our current board is well chaired by Rose Thelen, who has been successful in shedding light on our antiquated budget process and dysfunctional county governance structure and leadership model. The lack of transparency in our budgeting process and the flawed leadership structure are just two examples of a systemic illness within the organization.  Her opponent’s attempt to justify the current system and its structure is him trying to save the only structure that he knows; the system he has nurtured and manipulated, because he has a vested interest in it continuing this way.  That does not make it right. As a longtime resident of this county, I believe that we can do better, but it will take a strong leader with the vision to take us down a path that leads to fairness and equity for all Wright County residents.  That leader is Rose Thelen.  This isn’t about raising or lowering your taxes, it is about making sure that the services that we are obligated to provide are done so with due diligence and at the most cost-effective rate possible.  If we want wise stewardship of our county, then we must wisely take on the task of electing leaders who are capable of making tough decisions that are best for us all.  I urge all voters in District 2 to vote for Rose Thelen, and move on together to create a stronger, healthier Wright County for today and tomorrow.

Laurie Stammer