Letter: Thelen the right choice

To the editor:

The voters of the Wright County District 2 felt that Rose Thelen was the top choice for county commissioner in the August primary voting.  During the ensuing general election race Rose has given the voters clear reasons to make the same choice on November 6.    Her emphasis on a transparent and open budgeting process, wise long-term planning,  and her proven ability to listen to opposing viewpoints and to work to find solutions that avoid costly litigation are just some of the reasons she deserves our vote.   Rose has represented my interests for 10 years now as my township supervisor and county commissioner.  During that decade of service I have found her values to match those who she was elected to represent.  She makes decisions based on both the long-term and short-term needs of her district while remaining committed to low taxes.  I noted with interest the recent article comparing this election with the 1992 election where only one of the elected commissioners had previous county board experience, and that was less than a term.  Those members of the 1993 board who were quoted all thought the changes they brought to county governance served us well over the next two decades.  I ask the voters of District 2 to join me in making a very similar change to the future of county government.  Return one term commissioner Rose Thelen to a county board that will plan and guide the changes ahead.  Rose will work for us!

Gary L. Miller
South Haven