Two from Big Lake run for hospital board

Ervin Danielowski, current chair of the hospital board, did not file for re-election as the Big Lake city representative.
Candidate Marvin Rydberg had served three consecutive terms through 2008 before losing a re-election bid four years ago.
Candidate Thomas Campbell did not return a Monticello Times election questionnaire. Campbell has a financial background and has served on the hospital’s financial advisory board.
The Monticello Times asked hospital board candidates to submit biographical information and answer these questions:
1) The Monticello-Big Lake Hospital District Board of Director’s decision to establish a 501c3 non-profit organization represents a landmark operational change. If elected, how will you explain this change to the public?
2) How can the board of directors help New River Medical Center staff overcome an $11 million 2013 budget shortfall?
3) Finally, if elected, how would you work with hospital board members and staff to improve public trust and confidence in hospital operations, and to mend strained relationships with doctors from the Monticello Clinic? Candidate biographical information appears first, followed by question responses.


Marvin Rydberg
Marvin Rydberg

Marvin Rydberg: Family: Widowed with four adult children; Occupation: I am retired and have lived in Big Lake for 28 years. Community/Civic Organizations: I served as one of eight board members for the Monticello-Big Lake Community Hospital District representing Big Lake for 12 years. I served as a board member for the Big Lake Clinic, LLC and served as a member on the Council of Minnesota Hospital Association. I am running for office because I am very involved with and support the new functions and entities of the hospital district.  I support technology for the Monticello Cancer Center and inpatient intensive rehabilitation unit. In addition, I further support the collaboration with local and regional physician partners that assist in providing access to family practice, specialty and subspecialty services to the residents of the communities served by the Monticello-Big Lake Community Hospital District.
If elected I hope to accomplish the following: Continue to support the vision and mission of the District serving as a community advocate such as re-opening of the birthing center; support the chief executive officer and 501c3 board in decisions that impact the fiscal management and operations of the district; support physician recruitment and retention to increase the number of physicians needed to meet the medical needs of the communities we serve; support physician recruitment to support the birthing center and other entities that needs must be met work in collaboration with the CEO to determine the feasibility of a community hospital based Foundation to support philanthropic gifts. I am committed to provide the best advocacy for the city of Big Lake in ensuring that the best health care services are available, provided, and delivered through the best medical and allied health professionals. My 12 years as a participating board member demonstrates continued interest in our community. It has been my pleasure to have the opportunity to serve as your current city of Big Lake representative. I look forward to your support the next four years.
Question 1
(Non-Profit Status)
Marvin Rydberg: I am not in favor of the 501c3 Board;  I like the public input and selection of members by voting.
Question 2
(Budget Shortfall)
Marvin Rydberg: How can the board of directors help NRMC overcome a $11 million shortfall? By implementing new and activating existing facilities such as a birthing center.
Question 3 (Relationships)
Marvin Rydberg: We need to re-establish communications between the doctors and NRMC. The doctors need to be able to give as well as take and re-establish the use of facilities at hand.