Walz appears to have taken 1st Congressional District

The incumbent seems to have it in Minnesota’s contest for the U.S. House of Representatives 1st District seat, located in southern Minnesota. Tim Walz, a Democrat, teacher and retired command sergeant, took the race from challenger Allen Quist (R-St. Peter) by a margin of 24,168 votes to 19,823 in the early going Tuesday night when a little more than 50 percent of the precincts were reporting. This will be a fourth term for Walz, who is most known for authoring bipartisan veterans-related bills.

Vigorous in his effort to beat Walz, Quist’s platform included a nine-prong approach to cleaning house at the federal level. His strategy was to: balance the federal budget without raising taxes; repeal ObamaCare; repeal burdensome regulations; rein in the Environmental Protection Agency; stop government Medicaid fraud; take control of the Federal Reserve; abolish the Department of Education; no foreign wars for nation building; and stop the marriage tax.

Walz is a high school teacher from Mankato. He serves on three committees in the United States House of Representatives: Agriculture, Transportation and Infrastructure and Veterans Affairs. He also is one of nine house members to serve on the Congressional-Executive Commission on China. Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District extends across southern Minnesota from the border with South Dakota to the border with Wisconsin. The 1st District is primarily rural though it contains several mid-sized cities, including Rochester, Mankato and Winona.

– Emily Bialkowski